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Surveillance / CCTV

Video and other technologies used to detect and deter criminal or suspicious activities.

One of the largest growing technology sectors worldwide, CCTV has become the necessity for governments, businesses, and homes. With it comes a market saturated with new manufacturers and products with varying economies of scale and performance.

Knowing what is fit for purpose becomes the biggest challenge for the consumer, many making the wrong choice.

When it comes to imaging technology, price plays a significant part and specifications don’t really demonstrate the actual outcome, typically because the specific environment isn’t factored into it.

Then, there are the security risks associated with certain vendors that should be taken into consideration and why some of these products have been ban from use by various government organisations around the world.

Experience is what dictates the right choice of products that provide the essential technologies to encompass the most suitable solution, be it mission critical or compliance.

With a wealth of experience which dates back to traditional CCTV solutions, surveillance has played an important role in many of our delivered projects.

The evolution of sensors that now incorporate edge based analytics and deep learning AI shifts the focus from traditional surveillance to security intelligence.

Its also where many vendors fall wayside, leaving few left that deliver reliability and performance.

Our focus for innovation sees us immersed in these technologies whilst leveraging our integration history to provide cutting edge solutions that takes traditional methods outside of the box for the new challenge that awaits.

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