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AV/IT Integration

Blending specialized technologies into a unified whole to deliver a turn-key solution.

Traditional AV has always been standalone products to serve a purpose, be it audio or visual content delivered by these devices and presented in a way that people can be captured for informative reasons or even just stimulation.

The "Integration" component is about taking more complex solutions and simplifying the operation of multiple devices generally through the use of a single user interface such as a touch screen, switch plates or environmental sensors. Behind all of it is a control system.

The heart of any integrated solution is a control system which requires programming or code development by people with suitable training and experience.

This is one of the fundamental reasons why there is no real easy way to determine which integrator is the right choice as the integration component does not just rely on the equipment used but the skill level of the team responsible for implementing the solution.

With the introduction of IOT (Internet of Things), almost every piece of AV equipment is now “connected” and some equipment relying on this connectivity as a means of transport such as signal distribution.

This has added further complexity and left many integrators behind due to a lack of upskilling in IT, network configuration, security and firewall technologies.

It’s why our organisation has people who have fundamental IT skills developed from within the AV Industry but also people who have come from the IT industry with decades of training.

Our focus has always been about the best design which utilises equipment that is fit for purpose, feature rich, reliable and future proofed.

Then we look at how we can leverage the most out of that equipment through clever connectivity, programming and software development.

We avoid “bleeding edge” technologies due to their lack of field exposure, a critical component of bug testing and product refinement. Instead by using “cutting edge” technologies that have spent enough time in the field we are able to verify reliability and performance, ultimately impacting the solution as a whole.

Being extremely difficult to identify the right Integrator when looking to engage one, there are a number of tell-tale signs that ultimately reflect on the integrator’s ability, the most noticeable being the TCO.

It’s almost always a true indicator of whether the solution was poorly designed and implemented with the only exception when “bleeding edge” technologies are introduced.

Our organisation has a proven track record for the highest ROIs within the industry which leads to the lowest TCOs achievable.

Some of our solutions having been deployed in developing countries with substandard electricity networks and remote locations still operating more than a decade later is testament to the level of engineering and designs that ultimately achieves the right outcome without the hype.

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