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Multiple disciplines delivered by our team of specialists... 

AV/IT Integration.

Blending specialized technologies into a unified whole, to deliver a turn-key solution.

Traditional AV has always been standalone products to serve a purpose, be it audio or visual content delivered by these devices and presented in a way that people can be captured for informative reasons or even just stimulation...

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Intrusion Detection / Access Control.

Technology to combat wrongful entry and simplify access for those who should have it.

Your safety is important whether it is at work or in your own home. Not all security systems are the same and neither are security providers…

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Surveillance / CCTV.

Video and other technologies used to detect and deter criminal or suspicious activities.

One of the largest growing technology sectors worldwide, CCTV has become the necessity for governments, businesses, and homes. With it comes a market saturated with new manufacturers and products with varying economies of scale and performance...

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Lighting Control Automation.

Encompassing everything from a one-room scene-control system to a whole house / building system controlling interior and exterior lighting.

Also known as energy management, a lighting control solution for any home or building should be a must. It provides intelligence to a dwelling or building that offers simplicity, convenience, and considerable cost savings...

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