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Bespoke solutions with a focus on performance and uptime

For more than 20 years we have delivered solutions in the commercial sector focused around traditional AV Control & Projection, Show & Architectural lighting, Distributed Audio & Sound Reinforcement, CCTV & Access Control as well as Energy Management...

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Simplicity Living with Security Paramount

No buzz words found here like "Smart Home", our organisation has been delivering solutions to the high-end residential sector for almost two decades. The wealth of experience brings untold knowledge to those who want simplicity with the typical Mod Cons or something a little more...

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Greater engagement & communication through technology

The introduction of visual and communication technologies within the workplace have become a necessity rather than a luxury but not all solutions add value to the business...

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An entire technology ecosystem provided from one source, Turn-key

The Hospitality sector has unique needs, regulations and requirements that incorporate technology. Finding a single organisation that can deliver all of a venue's requirements is a near impossible task until now...

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A harsh environment with technology to meet the challenge

Not all days are calm breezes with clear skies and only the ocean knowing who is king. But having reliable technology on your side with 16/7 support to back it up can give you a fair advantage...

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