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Lighting Control Automation

Encompassing everything from a one-room scene-control system to a whole house / building system controlling interior and exterior lighting.


Also known as energy management, a lighting control solution for any home or building should be a must. It provides intelligence to a dwelling or building that offers simplicity, convenience, and considerable cost savings.

From automated task lighting to feature mood lighting, a lighting control solution will transform any building or home.

Best deployed during construction but retrofitted solutions now available, lighting control is the very first step for any automated home and can encompass basic automation tasks other than lighting such as motorised window treatments and awnings or environmental sensors.

Not to be confused with high-end control solutions that encompass audio and AV, a lighting control solution will integrate with your security and surveillance systems to provide added security measures and can also communicate with your AV control solution to change lighting moods autonomously that suit your viewing or listening pleasure.

Any deployed lighting control system becomes an integral part of the home or building which is why the choice of vendor becomes a crucial one. In the world of technology not everything is equal, nor does it necessarily have the same lifecycle.

That’s why we choose vendors who have been in the game for decades and provide certainty for future support and upgrade pathways as technology evolves.

Its easy to consider conventional lighting the safe path, but only those who have never experienced the right solution carefully, planned, and implemented, would consider this.

The choice is easy and the right specialist is before you with a wealth of experience and knowledge to bestow.


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