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A harsh environment with technology to meet the challenge

Not all days are calm breezes with clear skies and only the ocean knowing who is king. Having reliable technology on your side with 16/7 support to back it up is a must.

As an AV/IT specialist, our organisation has delivered solutions and provided support tailored specifically to the Superyacht sector of the marine industry for more than a decade.

M/V Umbra

Headed for the future

With an extensive IT expertise in VLAN and multiple WAN management that allows a vessel to achieve reliable bandwidth management and connectivity, regardless of which port, continent or ocean, our AV Integration and control system heritage allows us to design, implement and maintain the very best entertainment systems onboard from abroad.

Whilst we do not deliver traditional marine electronics such as Radar, Navigation and Radio systems, we do provide the underlying technologies for network communications such as VSAT, TVRO and cellular networks. We have also introduced RF technologies to solve on-vessel radio communication problems due to steel hull construction.

Having an experienced technology solution provider, who has a dedicated focus in the marine industry, provides the piece of mind that the right solutions are put forward with the ongoing support and readiness for the future.

AV / IT Integration

Blending specialized technologies into a unified whole to deliver a turn-key audio visual solution.

Nav Systems Integration

View and control mission critical systems from the comfort of your cabin.

Surveillance / CCTV

Video and other technologies used to detect and deter criminal or suspicious activities.

Lighting Control / Automation

Providing the right amount of light where and when it is needed whilst maximizing the energy conservation to reduce carbon footprint.

Software Development

The application of a systematic, disciplined, computable approach for the development, operation, and maintenance of software.

Intrusion Detection / Access Control

Detect suspicious activities to generate alerts and the selective restriction of access to a place.

Let's talk about the right solution for your vessel.

When it comes to technology, we can point you in the right direction with a focus on your needs, not ours...

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