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An entire technology ecosystem provided from one source, Turn-key

The Hospitality sector has unique needs, regulations and requirements that incorporate technology. Finding a single organisation that can deliver all of a venue's requirements is a near impossible task until now.

As a licensed venue, compliance with the relevant legislation is important which includes a number of requirements for the use and maintaining of CCTV. But there are many other benefits to the use of CCTV in a licensed venue.

People counting or even facial recognition can be achieved to alert security of patrons who are ban from entering the venue or notifying management of VIPs who have arrived.

Integration with POS systems for loss prevention and theft also adds significant benefits, protecting the owners and also the employees who do the right thing.

However, one of the most important things for a venue is its atmosphere and how stimulated its patrons are. Being able to create the right mood and ambience could be the difference between a patron staying for an hour or staying for a few.

Palette restaurant - HOTA

Be it watching sport, gaming or hitting the dance floor, a venue must cater for more than one demographic.

This means the dynamic use of lighting (both functional and feature), audio (both background and reinforcement) and video (both informative or for stimulation), are all critical technologies that contribute to the success of a venue.

With live production in our heritage, we offer a full turn-key solution from Sound & AV through to IT, and a 14/7 help desk providing advanced monitoring & remote support, that keeps the heart of your venue beating at optimal performance and minimal downtime.

AV / IT Integration

Blending specialized technologies into a unified whole to deliver a turn-key audio visual solution.


Music intended as an unobtrusive accompaniment to an activity or to provide atmosphere.

Surveillance / CCTV

Video and other technologies used to detect and deter criminal or suspicious activities.

Lighting Control / Automation

Providing the right amount of light where and when it is needed whilst maximizing the energy conservation to reduce carbon footprint.

Software Development

The application of a systematic, disciplined, computable approach for the development, operation, and maintenance of software.

Intrusion Detection / Access Control

Detect suspicious activities to generate alerts and the selective restriction of access to a place.

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