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How to successfully deploy video conferencing within an organisation

The level of success implementing Video Conferencing as a technology is tied closely with user adoption and the results can vary greatly between organisation based on work force demographic, technology implementation and education.

This can be identified with a small number of key elements:


Reliability – The technology needs to be able to deliver on demand and without denial of service or degradation of service. Most consumer based services fail to provide customers with a guaranteed level of service or support when utilisation has moved from convenience to mission critical.

Ease of use – The user experience must be a positive one regardless of a person’s technical skill. Many vendors are unable to achieve an exceptional user experience which is what drives fast technology adoption within any organisation.  

Flexibility – As demand increases so must capability and performance. The ability to have mobile users supporting multiple platforms, room based systems and full telepresence solutions must be achievable without making existing infrastructure incompatible and obsolete. Office to Office, Business to Business and Business to Consumer communications capability must be deliverable.

Education – The demographic of a business’s workforce can differ greatly between organisations and is closely related to core business and culture within the organisation. Some businesses may share the same core business but very few share the same culture. An education and training program must be implemented and tailored to suit the unique demographic of an organisation that will focus on improving weaknesses with technology adoption such as intimidation and knowledge retention.


Rabone Systems has specialised in Video Conferencing deployment with an emphasis of high user adoption through tailoring unique training and educational programs within each organisation. Through addressing the key elements a high rate of success is achieved with the maximum return on investment.

For more information on how Rabone Systems can help your organisation you can contact our team at info@rabonesystems.com.au