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Affordable Video Conferencing for the SMB market

Enterprise Grade Video Conferencing for small to medium business is now affordable due to VaaS, “Video as a Service”. Consumer services such as Skype have created broader technology awareness and the SMB market is now attempting to deploy these services into administrative and even core operational aspects of their businesses.

Once a technology only deployed by Government and large enterprise typically due to cost; new business models are emerging to deliver the same Enterprise Grade Video Conferencing previously out of reach to SMB and now delivered as a service.

But why not just use freely available services such as Skype over a paid service?

Skype has been extremely successful as a consumer service for point to point video conferencing with individuals wanting one on one communications with another party and its high level of adoption has occurred through social interaction and networking.

However the limitations of Skype are quickly realised when trying to adapt it to a meeting room environment where standards based communications and compatibility with other systems is a must.

The use of video conferencing within a business environment has key triggers that are very different to Skype users. The purpose for business is to reduce travel costs, avoid downtime and improve productivity. This is why it is important for the service to have a high level of reliability and performance which free services such as Skype can’t deliver.

Enterprise Grade Video Conferencing is designed to work in greater dynamic environments; Field users with mobile devices, satellite offices with meeting room facilities and C level executive boardrooms create unique collaboration requirements and expect a high level of performance and reliability across these environments.

Providers such as Conferencing Solutions deliver scalable solutions that work on OPEX over traditional CAPEX models and offer migration paths from low cost mobile and desktop deployment, to large room based systems.

The requirement to purchase infrastructure is no longer needed as this component is delivered as a service, scalable to each customers demand and budgets.