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Home Automation Knows No Bounds

With the dawn of broadband services, delivering technology and managing it remotely has now very much become a reality. Even in marine environments it is now possible to remotely diagnose system issues and manage software updates over satellite services. It has allowed organisations like ours to provide full solutions to clientele with no geographic boundaries.

We have successfully delivered solutions in residential, corporate & marine environments without the requirement of skilled local technical support due to having the ability of remote diagnostics and management of systems.

These solutions have been deployed throughout Australia, Papua New Guinea and the United States with minimal resources whilst providing very minimal system failures and downtime.

The concept can be hard to accept when choosing an integrator to provide a solution as it is common for people to want the organisation to have a local presence as a sort of security blanket however the IT industry has been successfully achieving the same result for almost the past decade.

Integrators with a solid IT background are capable of using the same methods and incorporating smart management services within the system design before deployment. Power management, external watchdogs and monitoring have helped increase system reliability and quick fault diagnostics.

It is possible to diagnose issues with systems before the user is even aware of the problem in the first place.

Some manufacturers are now incorporating remote diagnostics internally in their products to not only improve the customer experience but to gather metric data on the reliability of their products to help improve manufacturing design and techniques.

One may consider this as “Big Brother” watching but more often than not there is little personal information, if any that is being supplied. However there is a significant benefit to consumers with the ability to provide a standard operating environment throughout their sites

Ultimately this now provides customers with more choice when they select an organisation to deliver a solution.