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Video Conferencing

Affordable Video Conferencing for the SMB market

Enterprise Grade Video Conferencing for small to medium business is now affordable due to VaaS, “Video as a Service”. Consumer services such as Skype have created broader technology awareness and the SMB market is now attempting to deploy these services into administrative and even core operational aspects of their businesses. Once a technology only deployed [...]

How to successfully deploy video conferencing within an organisation

The level of success implementing Video Conferencing as a technology is tied closely with user adoption and the results can vary greatly between organisation based on work force demographic, technology implementation and education. This can be identified with a small number of key elements:   Reliability – The technology needs to be able to deliver [...]

Video Conference Equipment – The Right Network Choice?

Traditionally video conference equipment has utilised ISDN services which more often than not is a dedicated service provided by Telstra which has high rental and call costs. The benefit of ISDN is its reliability of service, and if you intend to use your video conferencing for mission critical events than ISDN should definitely be considered [...]

Video Conferencing Equipment – Which Vendor?

With a plethora of video conferencing equipment available on the market, how do you make the right choice? Video conferencing has been around for more than a decade and back then there was limited players in the marketplace and systems were very expensive to install as well as call costs over Telstra’s ISDN network as [...]