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Imerge – Beaten on Performance and Price!

Kaleidescape has always been associated as the pinnacle of DVD Media Servers in the marketplace but they have also been considered more expensive than the other players in the market. Recently we looked into pricing comparisons in Australia and even we were surprised how Kaleidescape was not only cheaper to purchase, but provided far greater [...]

DVD Media Servers – Which One?

DVD Media servers are increasing in popularity as they provide a really good way to manage and view your collections without the clutter and damage that occurs from continual use of discs. The problem is that due to their popularity, we now have so many to choose from. Escient Fireball, Axonix Media Max, Imerge, AMX [...]

Kaleidescape Mini System

Kaleidescape, the market leader in entertainment servers, today announced availability of the Kaleidescape Mini System, an innovative product that puts your entire collection of movies and music at your fingertips. The Mini System is the first Kaleidescape product to integrate a complete multi-zone Kaleidescape System into a single component, and the first to include a [...]