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Home Automation

Structured Cabling or Smart Wiring, What Does it Mean?

Have you ever asked yourself what Structured cabling or Smart wiring means? Are they the same thing? Structured cabling has existed for many years and is a term more commonly found in the commercial sector. It is a cable network design that is implemented in a building to support technology and communications services. It can [...]

Home Automation Knows No Bounds

With the dawn of broadband services, delivering technology and managing it remotely has now very much become a reality. Even in marine environments it is now possible to remotely diagnose system issues and manage software updates over satellite services. It has allowed organisations like ours to provide full solutions to clientele with no geographic boundaries. [...]

Fragrance Control by Rabone Systems

Developed by Rabone Systems, Fragrance control provides the ability to manage 3 different scents per room and schedule times as well as dispersion rates. Residing on the AMX platform, this neat little application has uses in residential homes, corporate offices, retail outlets & Hotel venues.