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Official Statement regarding the Court of Appeal’s Decision in DVD Copy Control Association, Inc. v. Kaleidescape, Inc.

We are surprised and disappointed by the Court of Appeal’s decision and by their rejection of existing California contract law.

In the 2007 trial, the DVD CCA claimed that Kaleidescape breached the CSS License Agreement and in particular, that Kaleidescape did not comply with a document called the “General Specifications.” Kaleidescape successfully argued at trial that the General Specifications document was not a part of the original contract since it was never referenced in the CSS License and was not provided to Kaleidescape until after the contract had been entered into. In addition, Kaleidescape presented evidence at trial that its products fully comply with the General Specifications anyway. In 2007, the trial court agreed with Kaleidescape that the General Specifications are not a part of the original contract. Because of this, the trial court did not clearly rule on whether Kaleidescape complies with the General Specifications. The Court of Appeal has now ruled that the General Specifications are a part of the contract, but did not decide whether or not Kaleidescape complies with them. The Court of Appeal has sent this back to the trial court to decide.

The new proceedings by the trial court will likely take place in a year or two, unless the California Supreme Court agrees to review the Court of Appeal’s decision. Kaleidescape will continue to fight, and we expect to prevail. However, it may take many years for this issue to be fully and finally resolved.

In the meantime, Kaleidescape Systems remain 100% licensed and legal. We will continue selling Kaleidescape Systems, developing innovative products and technologies, and providing excellent service to our customers, including the Movie Guide, the Music Guide, automatic software updates, and automatic service alerts. The Blue-Laser Player is still on schedule for release in 2009.

What Is Lighting Control?

Lighting control systems are becoming more and more common in the marketplace but they are far from new as large commercial buildings have been utilising the technology for decades under building automation systems.

What has changed is that there is a greater presence in the residential arena for these systems and they extend from the basic contactor switching methods to dimming systems with a greater focus on energy management.

Lighting in the home has had some significant changes too. Once it was all about functional lighting for people to see what they are doing and provide a safe passage. Now feature lighting is becoming more prominent and if you are serious about lighting when you are building your new home, the services of a lighting consultant are utilised to provide a lighting design that will deliver both functional and feature lighting throughout your home.


Imerge – Beaten on Performance and Price!

Kaleidescape has always been associated as the pinnacle of DVD Media Servers in the marketplace but they have also been considered more expensive than the other players in the market.

Recently we looked into pricing comparisons in Australia and even we were surprised how Kaleidescape was not only cheaper to purchase, but provided far greater value for money!

Now Imerge do produce an audio only server (Imerge Sound Server S2000) which Kaleidescape doesn’t but the new Kaleidescape Mini System provides video as well as audio for only $ 2,800 more!

So let’s look at the comparative pricing:

Imerge S3004B-400 – 4 zones audio only, 400 Gig of storage, No RAID support.  $11,300.00 inc GST

Kaleidescape Mini System with 2 drives – 1 x movie / music zone, 2 x additional audio only zones, 500 Gig of Storage expandable to 1.5 TB, RAID K, additional cascading of mini systems and servers, additional player support up to 15 additional simultaneous movie or music zones.  $14,129.00 inc GST


Fragrance Control by Rabone Systems

Developed by Rabone Systems, Fragrance control provides the ability to manage 3 different scents per room and schedule times as well as dispersion rates. Residing on the AMX platform, this neat little application has uses in residential homes, corporate offices, retail outlets & Hotel venues.

Rabone Systems Releases Proprietary Tracking System For The Home

Rabone Systems has released a proprietary touch panel tracking system for its residential control software.

Rabone Systems, a leading control solutions company has implemented its proprietary touch panel tracking system into its Residential v2.0 software.

The system allows users to roam freely within the home and provide automatic configuration of the control environment. The software identifies the location of AMX MVP series wireless touch panels and configures the appropriate control pages.


DVD Media Servers – Which One?

DVD Media servers are increasing in popularity as they provide a really good way to manage and view your collections without the clutter and damage that occurs from continual use of discs.

The problem is that due to their popularity, we now have so many to choose from. Escient Fireball, Axonix Media Max, Imerge, AMX Max & Kaleidescape to name the major players but only one stands out from the crowd.

Almost all DVD servers or Digital media servers have an operating system because essentially they are a computer with a large amount of storage space. The majority of manufacturers resort to using Microsoft or Linux as an OS. Out of the two, Linux has been proven to be more stable in this environment but the limitations of using an OS from another provider is that you are at the mercy of the OS.

Video Conference Equipment – The Right Network Choice?

Traditionally video conference equipment has utilised ISDN services which more often than not is a dedicated service provided by Telstra which has high rental and call costs.

The benefit of ISDN is its reliability of service, and if you intend to use your video conferencing for mission critical events than ISDN should definitely be considered as a primary or secondary network.

IP networks are now at the stage of being able to provide the bandwidth and low latency requirements that are needed for video conferencing. Because video conferencing is about the transmission of video and audio in real time, latency issues can adversely affect performance to the point that the call is unacceptable or can’t be maintained.


Video Conferencing Equipment – Which Vendor?

With a plethora of video conferencing equipment available on the market, how do you make the right choice?

Video conferencing has been around for more than a decade and back then there was limited players in the marketplace and systems were very expensive to install as well as call costs over Telstra’s ISDN network as IP was not an option.

The key thing to remember with video conference equipment is that it should be complying with a global standard. This ensures that you get trouble free conferencing between different manufacturer’s codecs but in the real world this is not always the case.


How to Beef Up Your Programming Output

More than 1600 Kms away in a popular tourist destination called Cairns, Rabone Systems came across a unique method to boost your programming output.

Dane Sandilands, a Sydney based integrator who has cut his teeth working for the rich and infamous, introduced us to a strange and unique concept that actually improves your ability to output code at an alarming rate.

Starting with quiet ale at a saloon style restaurant called “Outback Jack’s”, when it came to ordering meals Dane opted for the 1 kg rump steak challenge.

Unbeknown to Sandilands, his 1 kg of medium cooked steak was served with a 1 kg side serving of potato wedges and an entire crop of vegetables.

With only 30 minutes to devour what looked to be the best part of a whole cow, Dane had to order an extra serving of sauce on the side and additional ale to wash it down with.

1kg Beef ChallengeAt the 29 minute mark Dane had managed to eat the majority of the cow but like any kid refused to eat his greens and left a large portion of potato wedges due to his low carbohydrate intake diet.

Dane commented, “Once you get past the dizzy spells and nausea, it is not too bad.”

Sandilands, a pioneer of this increased productivity method put it to the test the following day when he managed to accomplish the impossible and make it back to Sydney before the weekend was over.

One thing debated was the use of a land based toilet the following day as the off shore facilities where Dane was operating from may not have had the necessary plumbing requirements to achieve the desired flush.

Never the less, a full house for Dane and we are sure that his pioneering days are far from over.

Kaleidescape Mini System

Kaleidescape, the market leader in entertainment servers, today announced availability of the Kaleidescape Mini System, an innovative product that puts your entire collection of movies and music at your fingertips.

The Mini System is the first Kaleidescape product to integrate a complete multi-zone Kaleidescape System into a single component, and the first to include a remote control.

Its elegant industrial design is beautifully suited for a living room, and it installs as easily as an ordinary DVD player. Priced about 40% less than the current Kaleidescape System, the Mini System is affordable and well-suited for a variety of projects.