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Rabone Systems to deliver BGM solution for Pacific Fair Redevelopment

Pac fairThe redevelopment of Pacific Fair shopping complex located at Broadbeach on the Gold Coast kicked off January 2014 with an expected project cost of $670 million. On completion it will create the largest shopping complex in Queensland and the fourth largest in Australia.

The new development will cover 150,000 square metres and will have approximately 420 shops, restaurants and entertainment destinations under one roof.

Pac fair 2Rabone Systems was successfully nominated to provide the Background Music solution for the development after a lengthy tender process, being selected for track record and experience deploying BGM solutions in previous Westfield developments such as the recent Carindale Shopping centre redevelopment.

Being selected against alternative offers at a lower price points further demonstrates Rabone Systems ability to deliver high standards and quality solutions in demanding environments for some of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects.

Project completion is expected to be late 2016. For more information on the development please visit: http://www.pacificfair.com.au/Development.aspx

Rabone Systems deploys dedicated technical resources to NSW

SydneyFor 13 years Rabone Systems has been delivering high-end solutions in the Corporate, Residential and Marine industries. Our head office based in the fringe of the Brisbane CBD in Queensland has served as an integral part of our operations since 2004 prior to the humble beginnings operating from a home office in the northern suburbs of Brisbane.

With the NSW market in our sights for some years and established relationships already in place, Rabone Systems has now deployed dedicated technical resources based in Sydney providing a local presence sought after by clientele.

Continuing our high focus on service and support, Rabone Systems will deliver the very best solutions and value for money in the grater Sydney area.

The new office is expected to be located within the inner city suburbs of Sydney hopefully to be finalised within the next 6 months.

This is an exciting new era for Rabone Systems, its existing and potential clientele. We look forward to working more closely with you in 2014.

Affordable Video Conferencing for the SMB market

Enterprise Grade Video Conferencing for small to medium business is now affordable due to VaaS, “Video as a Service”. Consumer services such as Skype have created broader technology awareness and the SMB market is now attempting to deploy these services into administrative and even core operational aspects of their businesses.

Once a technology only deployed by Government and large enterprise typically due to cost; new business models are emerging to deliver the same Enterprise Grade Video Conferencing previously out of reach to SMB and now delivered as a service.

But why not just use freely available services such as Skype over a paid service?

Skype has been extremely successful as a consumer service for point to point video conferencing with individuals wanting one on one communications with another party and its high level of adoption has occurred through social interaction and networking.

However the limitations of Skype are quickly realised when trying to adapt it to a meeting room environment where standards based communications and compatibility with other systems is a must.

The use of video conferencing within a business environment has key triggers that are very different to Skype users. The purpose for business is to reduce travel costs, avoid downtime and improve productivity. This is why it is important for the service to have a high level of reliability and performance which free services such as Skype can’t deliver.

Enterprise Grade Video Conferencing is designed to work in greater dynamic environments; Field users with mobile devices, satellite offices with meeting room facilities and C level executive boardrooms create unique collaboration requirements and expect a high level of performance and reliability across these environments.

Providers such as Conferencing Solutions deliver scalable solutions that work on OPEX over traditional CAPEX models and offer migration paths from low cost mobile and desktop deployment, to large room based systems.

The requirement to purchase infrastructure is no longer needed as this component is delivered as a service, scalable to each customers demand and budgets.

How to successfully deploy video conferencing within an organisation

The level of success implementing Video Conferencing as a technology is tied closely with user adoption and the results can vary greatly between organisation based on work force demographic, technology implementation and education.

This can be identified with a small number of key elements:


Reliability – The technology needs to be able to deliver on demand and without denial of service or degradation of service. Most consumer based services fail to provide customers with a guaranteed level of service or support when utilisation has moved from convenience to mission critical.

Ease of use – The user experience must be a positive one regardless of a person’s technical skill. Many vendors are unable to achieve an exceptional user experience which is what drives fast technology adoption within any organisation.  

Flexibility – As demand increases so must capability and performance. The ability to have mobile users supporting multiple platforms, room based systems and full telepresence solutions must be achievable without making existing infrastructure incompatible and obsolete. Office to Office, Business to Business and Business to Consumer communications capability must be deliverable.

Education – The demographic of a business’s workforce can differ greatly between organisations and is closely related to core business and culture within the organisation. Some businesses may share the same core business but very few share the same culture. An education and training program must be implemented and tailored to suit the unique demographic of an organisation that will focus on improving weaknesses with technology adoption such as intimidation and knowledge retention.


Rabone Systems has specialised in Video Conferencing deployment with an emphasis of high user adoption through tailoring unique training and educational programs within each organisation. Through addressing the key elements a high rate of success is achieved with the maximum return on investment.

For more information on how Rabone Systems can help your organisation you can contact our team at info@rabonesystems.com.au



Which Audio Visual Control System is for You?

With the increase in demand for simplified control of consumer electronics in Residential, Commercial & Marine environments there has been a plethora of control systems enter the market. Never before has the consumer had so much choice, but which is the right solution for you?

Firstly let us have a look at the history of control systems in the Audio Visual industry.

There are two prominent control solutions that have been around since the 1980’s. With more than 20 years of experience as well as continual Research and Development, these companies lead the industry and are the only true consideration in commercial & high-end environments due to the flexibility & reliability they offer. Each system has its strengths and weaknesses as well as the organisation who delivers your solution so picking the right product as well as the organisation to implement it will ultimately provide you with a solution you are extremely happy with or a poor outcome that leaves you somewhat disappointed.

Structured Cabling or Smart Wiring, What Does it Mean?

Have you ever asked yourself what Structured cabling or Smart wiring means? Are they the same thing?

Structured cabling has existed for many years and is a term more commonly found in the commercial sector. It is a cable network design that is implemented in a building to support technology and communications services. It can incorporate data, telephone, security, BMS, Fire and electrical but it is commonly referring to data & telecommunications services.

Home Automation Knows No Bounds

With the dawn of broadband services, delivering technology and managing it remotely has now very much become a reality. Even in marine environments it is now possible to remotely diagnose system issues and manage software updates over satellite services. It has allowed organisations like ours to provide full solutions to clientele with no geographic boundaries.

We have successfully delivered solutions in residential, corporate & marine environments without the requirement of skilled local technical support due to having the ability of remote diagnostics and management of systems.

Philips Dynalite Lighting – Home Energy Management Systems

With an ever increasing importance on environmental sustainability, energy management should be on top of your list when it comes to building a new home. But what is energy management? It’s the efficient use of power throughout your home covering all aspects from your lighting to your general power outlets.

Using an energy management system will provide you with reduced power consumption, produce less carbon emissions, provide more flexibility with how you interact, as well as automated processes to save you power when you forget.

Official Statement regarding the Court of Appeal’s Decision in DVD Copy Control Association, Inc. v. Kaleidescape, Inc.

We are surprised and disappointed by the Court of Appeal’s decision and by their rejection of existing California contract law.

In the 2007 trial, the DVD CCA claimed that Kaleidescape breached the CSS License Agreement and in particular, that Kaleidescape did not comply with a document called the “General Specifications.” Kaleidescape successfully argued at trial that the General Specifications document was not a part of the original contract since it was never referenced in the CSS License and was not provided to Kaleidescape until after the contract had been entered into. In addition, Kaleidescape presented evidence at trial that its products fully comply with the General Specifications anyway. In 2007, the trial court agreed with Kaleidescape that the General Specifications are not a part of the original contract. Because of this, the trial court did not clearly rule on whether Kaleidescape complies with the General Specifications. The Court of Appeal has now ruled that the General Specifications are a part of the contract, but did not decide whether or not Kaleidescape complies with them. The Court of Appeal has sent this back to the trial court to decide.

The new proceedings by the trial court will likely take place in a year or two, unless the California Supreme Court agrees to review the Court of Appeal’s decision. Kaleidescape will continue to fight, and we expect to prevail. However, it may take many years for this issue to be fully and finally resolved.

In the meantime, Kaleidescape Systems remain 100% licensed and legal. We will continue selling Kaleidescape Systems, developing innovative products and technologies, and providing excellent service to our customers, including the Movie Guide, the Music Guide, automatic software updates, and automatic service alerts. The Blue-Laser Player is still on schedule for release in 2009.

What Is Lighting Control?

Lighting control systems are becoming more and more common in the marketplace but they are far from new as large commercial buildings have been utilising the technology for decades under building automation systems.

What has changed is that there is a greater presence in the residential arena for these systems and they extend from the basic contactor switching methods to dimming systems with a greater focus on energy management.

Lighting in the home has had some significant changes too. Once it was all about functional lighting for people to see what they are doing and provide a safe passage. Now feature lighting is becoming more prominent and if you are serious about lighting when you are building your new home, the services of a lighting consultant are utilised to provide a lighting design that will deliver both functional and feature lighting throughout your home.